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A new format

Create your character and write about its adventures through daily publications. There are only two simple rules: write in the first person and keep the advancement of your character’s journey in chronological order.

At the crossroads between conventional stories, social network publications, blog posts and series, Peep is the perfect mix to make your readers fall in love with your characters.

Peep’s format dramatically shorten the publishing process.

For who?

Whether you are a passionate writer or a professional, Peep is a place where all the fictional characters you’ve ever imagined can come to life and evolve! Could also be fitting perfectly for a spin-off of a successful story.

Support system

You can publish your work for free or choose to get rewarded for your publications. If you choose to ask for support, your work will be locked for 24 hours and only readers supporting you will get real time access to it. To support a writer, followers will subscribe at a cost of $1 per month to read your next part, or simply to get an early access to your content. We are working on adding new supporting options. We strongly believe that writers should be fairly compensated for they work. so they can produce higher quality content for the satisfaction of the reader, which is our main priority.