Caldaria Stock - Perfection
Caldaria Stock - Perfection
Caldaria Stock


By Wundyful

Caldaria 'Cal' Stock is a flat tire. She loves cartoons and playing video games. She lives in The Library Spires- an entire city that functions as a Library. It's far from the swanky city of Perfection as a girl can get. But the Beaumont Festival is arriving soon. The very Festival where sixteen-year-olds are either 'harvested' to become almost inhuman and worshiped by the entire Nation. Or they're 'pruned' and rejected by society. Things aren't looking in Cal's favor. She's a mess, easily distracted, and make matters worse, she's a Glass-Eyed: A person with nerve-disorder which causes her senses to dull. She's almost immune to pain, smell, and taste. Her watery, glassy eyes are a dead giveaway.